Los Deline | Injectable Volumizing Implant - WARNING FROM MANUFACTURER OF FAKE PRODUCTS


Recently, the authentic manufacturer of Los Deline® hydrophilic gel has been made aware of fake product being manufactured and sold in China and possibly other countries in Asia.

The manufacturer doesn’t produce the product in 50 g bags. All section marked in yellow in the second photo are markers for fake product. It is not known what substance is poured into the bag.

The genuine Los Deline® product always have a stamp with batch number and date on the primary and secondary packaging.

Genuine Los Deline® is made under strict safety manufacturing guidelines. It is important to check the authenticity of each product by using the verification ID printed on the certificate and checking that in our online system. A link to the verification system can be found here https://bit.ly/3n3H0kb

The manufacturer strongly discourages anyone from purchasing or using non-authentic product for the risk of serious bodily harm

Safety is of utmost importance in any medical procedure and the care and wellbeing of patients should be the number one priority of any medical device distributor or clinic.

Please be aware and if you have doubts, get a second opinion!