•    a person minimum age 18 and above
•    patients must be in good health (a person should not have any autoimmune diseases, acute inflammatory disease, any kind of coagulopathy, malignant soft tissue diseases of any localization)
•    patient should not have intolerability or allergy to medicines
•    in a case of breast contouring it is necessary that the period after finishing of breast feeding is more than 6-9 months
•    patient should have realistic expectations from the application of injectable implant
Los Deline™ product is not to be applied in case of contraindications related to general diseases or local pathological processes if there is a risk of some adverse events/effects or complications. Your Doctor should acquaint you with the existing contraindications.
Some anatomic features of mammary gland or buttock do not allow attaining the expected results completely. In mastoptosis 3rd degree when the breast ligamentous apparatus is severely stretched, it is impossible to obtain fully proper aesthetic result because skin elasticity will be kept partially. In cases of some mammary gland malformations like lower pole breast constriction or tubular breast deformity, it is impossible to give the breast tear-shaped form. Some zones of the human body have very thin covering soft tissue to inject the implant.
Some areas of the human body have unfavorable baseline data for minimally invasive plastic surgery using Los Deline™. In cases of excessive loss of tissue elasticity or severe rigidity of the soft tissues of the zone of correction, it is impossible to restore the optimal aesthetic shape using a minimally invasive procedure, it is extremely difficult to carry out the desired change in contours and predict the result. In such cases, it is necessary to resort to traditional surgery.
You are more likely to be happy with the results of plastic contouring procedure if you have clear, realistic expectations and a clear understanding of why you want to have contouring. First, decide exactly what you would like to change or improve. Be honest with yourself about what you are trying to change and be realistic if your pre-operation condition is not ideal. Then discuss those goals with your doctor, who can tell you whether your goals are realistic and how best to achieve them.
An important consideration for your satisfaction, is an open dialogue with your doctor regarding the benefits an risks of injectable volumizing implant Los Deline™. Ask your doctor all the questions you are interested in.

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