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Walter Chiara, MD

The excellence in this profession has been reached by years of research and study which have permitted me to always be updated on operating and clinical methods; My philosophy to continue research of harmony and natural beauty pushes me to updating and collaboration in the world (Japan, USA, Brazil, The UK).Where medicine is moving at a great pace.Besides the research and execution of new surgery techniques for demanding plastic surgery operations like abdominoplasty, lifting, liposuction important for patients with nutritions problems, I have developed a new highly, specialized surgery in operations with little invasion, with a very rapid post-surgery, with minimum incidents of complication.

These continuous studies have permitted me to use the autotransplant of fibroblasts since 2002 and I’ve started to use stem cells (autologous fat) since 2005.


Two degrees, medicine surgery and biology, Board Certified in surgery, Board Certified nutrition science, master of morphodynamic plastic surgery, Board Certified cosmetic surgeon, internationally delegated, “World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine.”


Karlovo náměstí 17,
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic
phone: +420 228 226 171
mail: info@losdeline.com

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